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Our History

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2015  Stronkin achieved TS16949 certificate.

2014  Injection mouding department was launched and had been operated successfully.

2012 Stronkin Electronics (Zhongshan) ,seventh branch,was founded.

2012 Stronkin Electronics (Kunshan) ,sixth branch,was founded.

2012  Stronkin Electronics (Chongqing) ,fifth branch,was founded.

2011 Stronkin Electronics (Hongkong) ,fourth branch,was founded.

2010  Stronkin was awarded“High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province”.

2010  Stronkin Electronics (Shenzhen) ,third branch,was founded.

2009  Stronkin Electronics Taiwan office was founded.

2009  Stronkin Electronics(Wuhan), second branch office, was founded.

2009  ERP system was implemented.

2008  Stronkin Electronics(Fuqing), first branch office, was founded.

2006  Die-casting Dept. was launched and had been operated successfully. 

2005  Stronkin was awarded “Jiangsu Private Technical Enterprises”.

2004  Stronkin respectively achieved ISO9001、ISO14001 and ISO18001 certificate. 

2004  The first office ,Stronkin(Fuzhou)office was founded,and  Xiamen, Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou and Ningbo officed had been founded afterwards. 

1992  Stronkin Electronic was founded in Taizhou.

Stronkin Electronics Co.,LTD.

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